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My love for health and nutrition always comes down to delicious food and it is my mission to show you how you can balance the best of both food worlds (veggies and cookies, water and wine, etc.) and still live a happy and healthy life.

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This page includes my favorite GetNaked resources ranging from my signature self-paced nutrition course GetNaked Prep School to original quick and easy recipe e-books, and a link to purchase my SlimDown with Smoothie book on Amazon. I have provided links to top quality food and wellness brands as well as items for your home that will only enhance your wellbeing and make life easier for you. Take a look around and enjoy!

Simply Naked Recipe E-Book Volume 1 - Laura Burak

Simply Naked Recipe E-Book Volume 1

A collection of my favorite throw-together healthy comfort foods

You may have seen me create these dishes throughout the years and I wanted to get it to you ASAP. Food is at the center of my love for nutrition and I can't wait for you to enjoy this collection of mouthwatering meals all in one convenient place.


GetNaked Nutrition Simply Naked Meals, Snacks, Soups & Sides includes 20 of my favorite easiest recipes for you and the whole family in one digital document so you can pull it up from anywhere and create tons of the easiest meals and snacks.


Once you purchase, you will get an email right away with your PDF download so you can get started throwing together some of the tastiest and easiest meals that rotate through my kitchen on a weekly basis. 

Simply Naked Healthy Sweets & Treats E-Book - Laura Burak

Simply Naked Healthy Sweets & Treats Recipe E-Book

GetNaked Nutrition’s Simply Naked Healthy Sweets & Treats includes 21 of my favorite treats for you and the whole family in one digital document so you can whip up an easy snack. Whether you just crave a sweet nutritious snack or dessert, this collection of recipes will be a match made in heaven.

Slim Down with Smoothies Book - Laura Burak

Slim Down with Smoothies

100 Tasty, healthy recipes to  give your blender a real workout!


Drawing on nearly two decades of experience as a registered dietitian and licensed nutritionist, Laura Burak is going to teach you just how fun making smoothies can be.

GetNaked Prep School Course

GetNaked Prep School Course

A virtual nutrition experience to learn how to go from diet and food confusion to clarity (so you can meet your goals)!

GetNaked Prep School is not a "diet" program. It is a self-paced course that teaches you about truthful nutrition to "change your mind, body and life" program. This course will help you transform the way you think about food and nutrition by leading you through how I teach my private clients to begin changing their health in the most positive way.


Here are some discount codes and affiliate links to some of my favorite products that I personally use, love and have recommended for years, and I want to share them with you!


An affiliate link simply means that I will receive a small commission if you purchase the product through the link below. Please note that I would not have included these brands if I did not actually purchase and use the products myself.

Laura Burak Nutrition




Laura Burak MS, RD, CDN


Hi! My  name is Laura Burak and I am an OG registered dietitian, a foodie, a wannabe chef, a yogi and a mama in the Long Island suburbs outside NYC. Food has always been the center of my passion for nutrition and my mission is to teach you how you can enjoy all foods while also living a healthy and fulfilling life.


GetNaked Nutrition is all about stripping down to the simplicity of food and nutrition and finding joy and pleasure from it. I am so happy you are here to inspire you to become the healthiest badass version of yourself at any age!





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